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Meet the Hamletts


Breon and Nyah have been married since 2006 and reside in the Research Triangle area with their three beautiful children. Breon is an executive pastor, and mentor and Nyah is in education leadership for a local school district. They both have served as relationship coaches to singles and couples for several years.


From the very beginning, their relationship was tested, but their testimony is nothing short of a good reality show and fairytale all wrapped up in one real-life love story. They don't pretend to have all of the answers; although they know that their faith is what keeps them going. With Breon's supportive and patient demeanor and Nyah's philosophy of transparency and honesty, their different approaches to their relationship are grounded in the biblical principle of LOVE (and much prayer).


The Hamletts began this journey in 2008 with a group of friends who were committed to investing in their relationship. Since then, Breon and Nyah have been able to counsel and encourage many couples through relationship counseling, pre-marital counseling, and annual relationship summits which are designed to reach those who are single, married, engaged, or seeking to proactively work on their relationship. They also host relationship focus groups, encourage others through sharing transparently via LIVE streaming and host date nights. 


They believe in RELATIONAL FAITH to guide and nourish their RELATIONSHIP... connect with them and join them on the journey!

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