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What Else?

What else does Infallible Destiny do? We assist people who are spiritually and emotionally strained in an effort to establish healthy relationships and families. We do this through hosting relationship summits, infallible destiny focus groups, relationship counseling, presentations/speaking engagements, encouraging posts and live videos via social media, etc. The guidance and support offered via social media and other platforms are biblically based; yet, non-traditional and practical. With each approach, we offer practical tips and tools to assist individuals and couples on their life’s journey. Stay here to learn more or go to the Book the Hamletts page to request us to participate in your relationship journey.


Relationship Focus Groups

The Hamletts host small groups of demographically diverse people who get together to participate in a guided discussion about relationship topics and current events. Following each focus group, Infallible Destiny works with the group to GIVE BACK to the community together. 

Date Nights

Setting aside uninterrupted time is essential to the success of your relationship, but sometimes you're not sure what to do or want to hang out with others while you keep your marriage sexy. Periodically the Hamletts host special date night events with friends and you are welcome to join them. 


 Join the Hamletts monthly for transparent and encouraging relationship discussions on Facebook.

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